Evoni & Oliver: Perfect for Each Other

Highlight film of Evoni and Oliver’s wedding at Hidden Springs Events in Aubrey, TX on Friday October 30th, 2015.

What a wonderful fun couple to work for, Evoni and Oliver. These two were able to turn a rainy and cloudy day into a fantastic and joyful celebration that we’ll all remember for many years to come. As a videographer, I’m usually mad at the sky whenever the weather is acting up on a wedding day. If the couple is beautiful and perfect like Evoni and Oliver, I want the weather to be perfect as well. But, I learned a lesson at this wedding: love and faith can make any thing perfect. Because of the couple’s passionate love, the rain stayed away for several hours and we were able to go outside and shoot the first look between the couple and between the bride and her dad; because of Evoni and Oliver’s faith, the sky cleared up for forty minutes and a gorgeous wedding ceremony took place outside. Most of the guests stood throughout the whole ceremony, making it a unique and special event that I witnessed for the very first time.

Evoni and Oliver have a beautiful love story that clearly illustrates that God creates a perfect partner for each person on earth and He orchestrates circumstances so as to bring these two together despite any opposing paths they might each follow. I’m so happy Evoni and Oliver found each other because it’s so obvious that they were meant to spend their lives together.

Evoni and Oliver, I’m so glad I filmed your wedding on that day. The day was filled with memorable moments that photography alone couldn’t capture perfectly. Your vows, for example, were one of the most sincere, romantic and beautiful I’ve ever heard! May your love last forever and your home always be filled with joy, happiness and peace!

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