Natalia & Stephen: You Make Me So Happy

Highlight film of Natalia and Stephen’s wedding at The Gardens Houston Wedding and Reception Hall in Houston, TX on Sunday September 4, 2016.

I met Natalia and Stephen some weeks before their wedding day to take their engagement photos. From the first minutes of our photo session, these two love birds struck me as just an incredibly happy couple, and as I expected, that really showed throughout their entire wedding day. They were both just so excited to be together and to be married! The most emotional moment was of course the bride’s walking down the aisle to meet with her lover. Both Natalia and Stephen couldn’t help shedding tears of joy, love and passion. I believe that, as Natalia was walking down the aisle, the memories of this couple’s beautiful love story came flooding back! I’m just glad that my photographer and I were there to capture this priceless moment!

Natalia and Stephen, no words can express how I admire you as a couple. You’re both so kind, mature and dedicated to your union. I’m confident your marriage will last forever! Many blessings to you!

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