April & Cole: You Give Me Crazy Love

Highlight film of April and Cole’s wedding ceremony at St. Ann’s Catholic Church and wedding reception at Kosciusko Hall in Kosciusko, TX on Saturday October 1st, 2016.

I was glad to discover this little town called Kosciusko. It seems like Google even doesn’t know the existence of this place. Try and google ‘kosciusko’ and the search engine will take you to this large venue where April and Cole had their wedding reception, Kosciusko Hall. The town apparently was established as a rural supply point in 1890 and named after Thaddeus Kosciusko, a Polish General of the American Revolution. The first settlers were Polish and German, attracted to this place by the San Antonio railroad. April and Cole tied their knot at St. Ann’s Catholic Church, a church that stands right next to the Kosciusko Hall. St. Ann’s actually has a high sentimental value to the bride because her parents and grandparents also were married there. I wouldn’t be surprised if, many years down the road, April and Cole’s children also get married there. That will be so sweet!

April and Cole are two special people, who are so truly in love. Their joy throughout the day spread to everyone around them. Despite the huge size of the Kosciusko Hall, the wedding couple and their guests were able to saturate the place with their joy and happiness. I’m so happy for April and Cole, and I wish them nothing but an endless marriage full of wonderful adventures and victories. Thank you again, April and Cole, for allowing me to be a part of your historical celebration!!!

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