Kelly & Kyle: You’re My Butter Half

Highlight film of Kelly and Kyle’s wedding at Canyonwood Ridge Wedding Venue in Dripping Springs, TX on Saturday May 6, 2017.

As you watch Kelly and Kyle’s video, please pay close attention to all the smiles, laughters and joyful tears that saturated the day. Nothing makes me happier than filming a beautiful wedding filled with authentic emotions from a couple who are genuinely passionate about each other. And I can assure you that Kelly and Kyle’s love is captivatingly real and burning so hot that you can do nothing but admire their passion. It was also amazing to see the number of people who came to celebrate the couple’s marital union. Kelly and Kyle’s friends and family surely know how to have a good time. Everybody was laughing and smiling from the beautiful ceremony to the absolutely eventful reception.

Kelly and Kyle, I’ll always admire not only your genuine passion but also your kindness and your generosity. Not surprising that so many people love you guys! You just have great personalities and I believe, because of that, your marriage will last forever and ever!

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