Juliann & Kenny: We’ve Decided On Forever

Highlight film of Juliann and Kenny’s wedding at Geronimo Oaks in Seguin, TX on Saturday May 13, 2017.

This wedding day was absolutely awesome. An elegantly-built venue, two wonderful families, fun wedding party, laid-back guests and last but not least, an amazing passionate excited gorgeous wedding couple…I could simply not have asked for anything better for this wedding video!

It was great filming at Geronimo Oaks for the first time. As far as photography and videography are concerned, this place definitely offers so many opportunities for outstanding and mind-blowing shots. And because of its unique and numerous features, I can confidently predict that this venue will soon become one of the most popular choices for wedding couples in Central Texas.

Geronimo Oaks was the perfect venue for Juliann and Kenny. These two love birds are just fantastic people to be around. I enjoyed hearing each of them talk about their love story. Kenny first saw Juliann on Facebook and he instantly felt blown away by her beauty… and the rest is history!

Juliann and Kenny, it won’t be a cliché if I say that you’re a perfect match! You compliment each other so beautifully. I hope you’ll enjoy watching your video as I did. I had tears and I had good laughs. I pray that you never lose your passion for each other and, fifty years from now, your union will be as strong as it is today!

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