Ashley and Aron

Highlight film of Ashley and Aron’s wedding at Park 31 (1200 Park Rd 31, Spring Branch, TX 78070) on Saturday October 13, 2018.

Will you believe me if I tell you that Ashley played baseball with her dad on her wedding day? Yep, she did. Ashley and Aron’s event wasn’t your typical wedding day where the wedding party get ready, the couple say their vows, guests drink and dance and the couple exit…No, this one was more than that. It was a fabulous celebration of love, familyship and friendship. Ashley and Aron shared presents with their parents, they gave each other romantic gifts, they prayed together, they had a unity wood branding ceremony, they had a life history slideshow…the day was packed with so many fun, unique and emotional moments.

The star of day was Ashley, of course. She’s gorgeous and very kind. And, the passion between her and Aron is just genuine and intense. In their future, I can see nothing but a life full of happiness, joy and love.

Ashley and Aron, it was a great honor to video your fantastic wedding day. You picked the perfect venue for it. I’m so glad you let me discover the beautiful Park 31 in Spring Branch, TX. Thank you for being so fun and easy to work with. I pray that the fire of your love will never die. With much love, Daniel.

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