Anar & Daniel: I Love U Today More Than I Did Yesterday

Highlight film of Anar and Daniel’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday May 15th, 2013.

Intercultural weddings always have something unique and exciting about them since they feature two different cultures, traditions and expectations. The uniqueness of Anar and Daniel’s wedding, I think, rested in the fact that the couple were able to incorporate and mix the beauties of both cultures. Anar’s western wedding dress and Indian outfit were incredibly gorgeous. Daniel appeared to me like a real Indian royal prince in his after-ceremony costume and shoes. Very beautiful! And, congratulations to the DJ! I think he did an amazing job of combining and playing music from both worlds.

However, more than anything, I’ve been impressed with the personality of the wedding couple. I’ll remember Anar and Daniel as one of the sweetest and kindest couples I’ve ever worked for. They both have wonderful people in each of their families that I had the privilege of meeting with. Thank you Anar and Daniel for giving me such a great honor of meeting all of you. I pray that your love may last forever and that every project you undertake together may have great success!

Congratulations to you Anar and Daniel!

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