Aida & Reetesh: You Make My Life Complete

Highlight film of Aida and Reetesh’s wedding at The Old Red Museum in downtown Dallas, TX on Friday August 23, 2013.

How unique is the union of Aida and Reetesh!!! Though they both come from two different cultures and horizons (Mexican-American vs Indian), love has brought them together. From the very first day I met the couple, I was fascinated by the sincerity of their passion. Indeed, nothing is as powerful as love. Love sublimely breaks all boundaries and borders. It mysteriously brings two unrelated hearts, minds and families together. It beautifully conquers hatred. It makes us bring & give the best out of us. Love transcends all differences. It unites us as one human family. It makes us see the beauty in all nations, people and languages. Love gives us wings so we can soar like eagles and see the world from above. Love is amazing.

The week before their wedding, Aida and Reetesh travelled to India for the traditional Indian wedding. How much I wish I were there to witness such a beautiful event!! They came back and had this awesome wedding at The Old Red Museum in Dallas. The excitement and happiness of the couple were palpable all over the place. And, it felt so great to film such an event during which guests and the bridal party were totally having fun showing how much they love the couple. Aida and Reetesh’s wedding day was unforgettably gorgeous, lively and enjoyable!

Thank you so much Aida and Reetesh for letting me be a part of your special day. I pray that your love may grow even stronger and stronger each passing day, you may live a long life and fulfill all your dreams together!

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