Damanique & Brandon: At Last My Love Has Come Along

Highlight film of Damanique and Brandon’s wedding at the Driftwood Estate Winery and Vineyards in Driftwood, Texas on Saturday August 24, 2013.

Damanique and Brandon had a very cute and lively wedding. Their big day reminded me about how weddings are so important in people’s lives. The day is a wonderful celebration of two people joining their lives together, proclaiming their love in front of their families & friends, and promising each other a life-long partnership. I felt, there was something magical about Damanique and Brandon’s love for each other. Their passion is real, like a big fire that can’t stop burning. Their union looks divine, they are such a perfect match.

I was totally fascinated by the chemistry between Damanique and Brandon and I pray that their two hearts will continue to beat as one forever. Thank you Damanique and Brandon for giving me the privilege of capturing the precious memories of your wedding day. May your love overcome any challenges that will come your way; may you dream together, enjoy life together, and grow old together.

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