Jena & Michael: Thank You For Making Me Smile

Highlight film of Jena and Michael’s wedding at Los Vaqueros Courtyard (Stockyards) Restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday August 31, 2013.

I think, Jena and Michael had one of the most romantic, poetic, and passionate wedding ceremonies I’ve ever had the privilege of filming. The venue (Los Vaqueros restaurant) was magical, with the bride coming downstairs and walking a pretty long distance to join her groom. Soon came the exciting moment of the vows. The couple were so sincere, deep, and loving in the expression of their love that they couldn’t help shedding tears as each of them read their vows to the other.

I’ll always remember the cute moment when Jena, as she was about to say her vows, turned back toward her maid of honor (to get her 3-page notes) and found that her bridesmaids were also all crying behind her back as Michael said his vows. Jena laughingly (& cryingly) asked them: why are you all crying? That was funny!

Wedding vows are beautiful; and when they come from two loving hearts, they become so powerful that everybody in the room can feel the intensity of the couple’s love. On that day at the courtyard of Los Vaqueros, we all felt Jena and Michael’s passion for each other! Thank you so much Jena and Michael for giving me the opportunity of knowing you and capturing the precious memories of your special day. Your love will never fail. I pray that your marriage may overcome all challenges and be filled with tons of smiles and laughters.

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