Sidney & Rick: Today I Marry My Best Friend

Highlight film of Sidney and Rick’s wedding at Heather’s Glen in Conroe, Texas on Saturday March 29, 2014.

Everything about Sidney and Rick’s wedding was so beautiful. A beautiful day and night at the end of March, a gorgeous couple who are undoubtedly made for each other, a romantic ceremony in a nice little chapel, a lovely bride in a queenly dress, a cute ring bearer who performed her role with perfection, an intimate tea ceremony at a charming gazebo, an adorable first dance by an indoor fountain, a sweet cutting of a delicious cake…and a captivating send-off under the light of dazzling sparklers. EVERYTHING WAS JUST BEAUTIFUUULLLL!!!

Congratulations Sidney and Rick on your magnificent wedding day! We really enjoyed every minute of it. We wish both of you many many years of abundant joy, unfailing love, and eternal happiness!



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