Trish & Trevor: Starting a New Chapter of My Life with You

Highlight film of Trish and Trevor’s wedding at The Windsor at Hebron Park in Carrollton, Texas on Friday April 11, 2014.

From the moment I first spoke with Trish about her upcoming wedding, I knew the day would be great. And, my predictions were correct. The wedding was one of the most lively, exuberant and joyful events I’ve ever filmed. And, what a beautiful couple!!! Trish and Trevor are young, confident and sooooo in love with another. They are surrounded by wonderful parents, siblings and friends. During the ceremony, it was so great to hear the shouts of joy from the guests who couldn’t suppress their excitement and happiness for the couple. The atmosphere of overwhelming joy even made the minister comment and say that he wanted to go to Africa for the celebration of his vow renewal with his wife.

Trish and Trevor, congratulations on your great wedding day. A life full of joy and success lies ahead of you. I also pray that your union may overcome all challenges and remain strong all the days of your lives!

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