Tarah & Jordan: I’ll Give You the Best of Myself

Highlight film of Tarah and Jordan’s wedding at Le San Michelle in Buda, TX on Saturday April 30, 2016.

Tarah and Jordan are one of those couples that, from the moment you meet them, you can really tell they are passionately in love with one another. It’s obvious that their personalities are a perfect match. They are so super joyful, easy going and fun that it was a pleasure to work with them. 

Le San Michele offered the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous wedding. This unique venue located at the heart of Texas features a large garden and a two-story farmhouse that make you think you’re in Europe…somewhere in the south of France or Italy. The aerial view of this venue is simply beautiful. 

Tarah and Jordan, congratulations to you on having such a memorable event. I strongly believe that your mariage will last forever because both of your personalities radiate pure love, warmth, sunshine and confidence. Many blessings to you!!!


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